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Newsy z DL Nexus do tłumaczenia

Here is a write-up of the secret society I used in my Heroes of Defiance play-by-post campaign. It is called the Dashwood Society and it is based loosely on the Hellfire Club as seen in the pages of the X-men comics. The Tarsian branch has just been wiped out but there are still three more branches with which to bedevil your players. Or if you feel up to the challenge reconstitute the Tarsis branch and have at it.


Dragonlance Wins... AGAIN!
Posted on 9/7/2011 by Sallis

Well folks, the results of last week's poll are in, and once again, Dragonlance wins! View the results here. Dragonlance pulled ahead by almost five percentage points! Hopefully this will send a clear message to Wizards of the Coast that Dragonlance will not be forgotten by its fans.


Dragonlance Revisited
Posted on 9/1/2011 by Sallis

Wizards of the Coast currently has a poll asking which setting should be the focus of a month of Dungeon Magazine and Dragon Magazine. Let's all show our support for Dragonlance by voting for Dragonlance Revisited! Place your votes here.


Dragonlance is not the 2012 setting.
Posted on 8/9/2011 by Dragonhelm

Wizards of the Coast announced at the GenCon New Product Seminar that Dragonlance will not be the 2012 D&D campaign setting. While the setting has not been announced yet, it sounds like it may be a new setting, as well as a new way to play.

"Żaden zwykly śmiertelnik nie mógl stać przed tymi przerażającymi, spowitymi w calun wrotami i nie oszaleć z nienazwanej grozy. żaden zwykly śmiertelnik nie móglby przejść nietknięty między strażniczymi dębami.
lecz Raistlin stal tam. stal tam spokojnie, bez strachu... "



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